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SageVone Services

Use this page to add additional service or sub-account for business associates and/or family members. You can add up to 10 services or sub-account to your user account.
Pinless Calling
SageVone Pinless offers you no pin dialing with quality voice connection and no monthly fee or connection charge. Only pay for what you use. Register your home number, office number, and mobile number on your Pinless account and we will automatically recognize your account when you call into any of our access numbers.
VoIPLynx Saver
For only $22.95 a month, enjoy anytime incoming minutes from 8000 location in USA OR Canada, 2500 combine anytime minutes to anywhere in the United States, Canada and UK Landline, free in-network calls to anywhere plus free exciting features like Call Hunt, Music on Hold, Simultaneous Ring, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, enhanced Voice Messaging, online account management. Includes 2 outbound trunks and each additional trunk at $9.95

Calls to non-package destination is billed at low outbound rate on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Latin Choice
For $6.95 a month, get connected to love ones with VoIPLynx Camacol Special Plan. This plan offers low rate calling to many countries, free 100 calling minutes to specified South American destinations, free calling and Instant Message to other Camacol Saver users, Unique Telephone Number and Voicemail.
Prepaid Calling
Whether you are calling from a payphone, hotel room, mobile phone, office phone, home phone, or if you are out on the road, we make communication simple and convenient.
Mexico Saver
Simply pick up the phone and call anybody, anywhere, anytime in Mexico for flat fee.

This plan is valid for first 250 minutes to any of the participating mobile networks in Mexico after which normal rate will apply. Calls to other networks in Nigeria and countries will be billed at regular rates.
SIP Trunk

SageVone SIP Trunk provides you calling plan to more than 240 countries at the absolute lowest rate. Offered through our IP Network you can use software on your computer or a SIP enabled device (Asterisk, Trixbox, SIP Gateways, IAD, IP PBX and more) to place calls through our network at lowest rates. No wasting money with packages that charge you for minutes you never use.

Get started for as little as $50 prepaid credit. Your credit will never expire, so you can make calls next week or next year.

So what's the catch? There are none. No tricks and no commitments. You enjoy low cost calling at deeply discounted prices
Virtual Connect
Get connected to the ones you love. Enjoy unlimited incoming calls and free in-network calling to other SageVone subscribers for only $4.95 a month. Get your family and friends to sign-up with SageVone and talk all you want!
Global Connect
Enjoy free VoIPLynx to VoIPLynx calling and texting using VoIPLynx Mobile App. Call mobiles and landlines home or abroad at low rates. No Monthly Charge! No Connection Fee! Free Download!

Go to http://voiplynx.com/estore/selectService.aspx?ProfileID=1 to order now

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