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International Mobile Top-Up!
Auto Attendant
Hosted PBX Line
On-Demand Conferencing
International Mobile Top-Up!
International Top-Up allows you to credit a prepaid mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Making an international, or cross-border top-up is fast becoming a popular way for people visiting or living outside their country to give low cost, high value gifts to their loved ones back home. It is an inexpensive way for you to remind your friends and family that you are thinking of them and it’s a great complement to cash remittances (through traditional channels such as Western Union or Money-gram).

Our International Top-Up reaches hundreds of mobile operators in over 75 countries and offers a solution to the increasing demand for cross-border airtime top-ups.
Instant Recharge
Send Credit to friends and family abroad. Once purchased, we send an instant international SMS notification to the number you topped up at no charge.
Available to more than 75 countries
Includes hundreds of mobile providers
Use with existing prepaid mobile provider. No special dial around required.
No Transaction Fees
Recipient receives full face value. No added fee deduction.
Auto Attendant
Leave your calls to your automated receptionist! The Auto Attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers your phone and provides a personalized message to your callers. Your callers will have the option to connect to the operator, dial by name or extension or connect to configurable extensions.
Immediate Extension Dialing
Let your callers dial an extension through the first level of the Auto Attendant without having to first select the extension dialing option.
Business Hours Support
Have your administrator set different business hours for different days of the week, including after-hours menu for selected dates like recurring holidays.
Dial by Name
Dialing by name can be done using both first and last name.
Hosted PBX Line
Anytime minutes to anywhere in the United States and Canada, free in-network calls plus over 30 free exciting features like Call Hunt, Simultaneous Ring, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, enhanced Voice Messaging system, online account management, emergency calling services and many more!
Incoming and Outgoing Calling Features
Call Hunt, Simultaneous Ring, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, enhanced Voice Messaging system, online account management, emergency calling services and many more!
On-Demand Conferencing
Now you can conduct a meeting, anytime, anywhere in the world, no reservations needed! SageVone On-demand conferencing offers easy-to-use, reliable and secure audio and web conferencing from 2 to 96 people, provided on a 24-hour, 7 days a week basis. Also included in this service are operator assistance, phone and web access to the conferencing platform.
Using a simple touch-tone command, you can save your conference for playback anytime!
SageVone provides end-users with a customer service representative to assist with any questions, information, or problem resolution as required for its audio and web conferencing services.
Global access
SageVone offers cost-effective audio conferencing for local or global meetings. Toll-free "800" access numbers are available for international participants.
Get complete control over your meetings using simple touch-tone commands via phone or point and click commands through the web interface.

Get Additional Airtime + Supermarket

Movistar El Salvador!

  • Instant Top-up to Movistar El Salvador
  • Eligible Price 15 or More USD
  • Available June 1st thru June 21st, 2016
Unlimited Calling USA